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Brilliant and unique performance space brought to real life by the performer 4 stars - Mark London

Drove me mad - she was superb! - Ellen Malcolm

Excellent a good representation of reality within and with out the Bin ? G Grubb, Edinburgh

Great Acting Great Script Well done 4 stars - R Stranger

Intense! Hot! Excellent to see something different - Robert Nottingham

Great ideas Jane really engaged with her audience. I felt really uncomfortable at times, great acting - 4 stars - Jen USA

Original, moving, beautifully acted 4 stars - Marcus Forest, Edinburgh

Powerful delivery. Convincing. Well acted 4 stars V.G - Christopher Pickering, Glasgow

Energetic and intense. V good 4 stars - Marc Horn, Glasgow

Spikey writing, confrontational use of music. Excellent - 4 stars Anon

Novel idea...unique atmosphere 4 stars - J. Denly, London

Powerful + well played out. Excellent. 4 stars- Philip Logan, Edinburgh

Brilliant writing, very brave & compelling acting 5 stars - Lulu, London

Excellent. Insightful! 5 stars - Trevor Swanson, Edinburgh

I feel you are making progress 98.crazy! 4 stars - Fergal, Limerick, Ireland

Well acted, but a bit pedestrian 4 stars - Sonja, Edinburgh

Well acted, a bit depressing - Anon

Mad as a hatter - lock her up and throw away the key 6/10 - John Boland, Limerick, Ireland

Very strange! 4 stars- Anon

Well done! 4 stars - Rayna, London

Good dark feel. She's plays a mad girl well - 4 stars- Ben, Brentwood

Moves between emotions well - 4 stars- Rachel, Brentwood

Give the girl a licence! 4 stars - Mitch Pryce, Birmingham

Interesting experience, true to the fringe. Well acted 4 stars - A. Bellwood, Leeds

Fantastic! - 5 stars - Anon

Very very good 4 stars - Anon

Disturbing and scarily intimate 4 stars- Robin, London

Fab writing and a great and brave performance 4 stars - Anon

Great stuff! Maximum 5 stars - Helen, Edinburgh

Great acting. Great Script. Well done 4 stars-?I. Strandbor, London

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