Documentaries/Talking Books

  • Documentaries 1'58" (1.9MB, MP3)
    includes Wimps to Warriors (Tiger Aspect), Montess
  • Talking Books 5'31" (5.3MB, MP3)
    includes Rachel in My Beautiful Laundrette, Helen in Little Hal and Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes - Little Red Riding Hood

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Our search for a real world, authentic and distinctive Northern voice led us to Kiki Kendrick. Kiki delivers beautifully - and if you listen carefully it's reminiscent of the much-missed Caroline Aherne.
Tom Burnay, Big Als
Featuring the voiceover brilliance of Kiki Kendrick and Alex Babic, this lighthearted ad for Monopoly really puts a smile on your face
Angell Sound
Great Voice. 100% Kiki
Graham Fink, M&C Saatchi
Kiki has a heart where her vocal cords should be, warmth and passion coat every word that passes over it
Peter Souter, AMV
Hardly a run-of-the-mill voice which is ironic because she used to work in a mill with me in Warrington. Can also do Widnes if pushed
Sean Doyle, Shop
Kiki has certainly got cut through - her warmth and energy would come through a lead door!
Rosie Arnold, BBH
Kiki has a very authentic and powerful voice which lends itself perfectly to be a characterful and emotive tool. She can interpret the mumblings and grunts of the modern creative team
Trevor Robinson, Quiet Storm
Like Shaun Ryder wrestling with a cat... a very funny cat
Mark Waites, Mother
Not only is Kiki brilliant she represents real value for money, it's actually quite difficult to shut her up
Dave Waters, DFGW
There's us humans and there's Kiki. She's a total one-off. A force of nature. All the energy of a small tornado and a personality so big it could probably be seen from space. She shines a light on whatever she touches
Trevor Beattie, BMB Agency
Kiki can talk you into anything. Even this!
John Hegarty, BBH
Kiki's voice is just like her personality; Big, bold, brash and absolutely lovable
Bill Oberlander, McCanns NY
Distinctive and naturally witty
Lucinda Ker, BMP
Kiki's voice is unique not for everyday consumption, but special!
Sally Lipsius, WCRS
The ever effervescent Kiki is lovely to work with and offers a characterful vocal tone with bags of personality. She is easy to direct and has a good understanding of the subtle tonal adjustments and timing issues that are so frequently demanded. She also has a great laugh!
Nick Angell, Angell Sounds
If you're not going to buy it, you might well do, after you've been sold it by Kiki
Rob Steiner, Grey London
Macca says Kiki Kicks
Ian Mactavish, Radioville
Kiki has a wonderfully versatile voice which makes her perfect for us working on TV or Radio commercials; she's also brilliant at humour and timing, which is again what our industry requires. All round a voice that has all the qualities we need
Yvonne Chalkley, AMV
Kiki's voice would make even War and Peace seem titillating!
Graeme Light, LeoBurnett
A great pair of lungs!
James Letham, WCRS
Kiki is warm, friendly, sassy, full of life and packed with energy. Luckily, so's her voice.
Ben Walker, Weiden Kennedy

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