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Existential angst combined with excellent comic acting produces solemn reflection and the laughter of recognition in an enthusiastic audience which has already been primed with jelly vodkas.

The serious subject is the body fascism which afflicts all but the most supremely confident women.

There are some excellent lines 'Once upon a time they cut the dress to fit the body, now they can cut your body to fit the dress' 'Low self esteem is like damp - you can keep emulsioning over the top, but the damp seeps through again eventually'.

Catherine Steadman almost steals the show as the dizzy, infatuated, celebrity obsessed sales girl who weeps over TV pics of starving children - she would love to be as skinny as them, but with all the flies and death and stuff, and yearns to have her own stalker.

There is some fine social comment here, with a delicate balance of humour.

The Herald, Sat 13 August 2005

DON'T MISS... With "dimply buttocks, wobbly bits and some nudity" this new play could be a bellyful of laughs while exploring media manipulation of women's self-esteem.

The Independent

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