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Playing a frumpy and fed-up forty-year-old, Jephcott is convincing, and finds a nice balance between pitiful and amusing. Somehow, though, she doesn't have the stage presence of Kendrick, who throws heart, soul and breasts into Heidi's undersize clothing and gives an effervescent performance as a live-for-the-moment chav.

The banter takes on a slightly darker hue towards the end, with a revelation that makes you say 'oh..!' but it only adds to the depth to an already colourful play.

Comic gems and perceptive observation make I Want That Hair worth the ticket price.

The Goole Times

With sensitive directing skills of John Godber, Kendrick packs a punch.

Kendrick's gum-chewing Heidi is as subtle as her green-and-black striped tights and diamante thong. Outwardly she is bubbly and bright as her pillar-box lipstick, always mouthy and flirtatious with cold-callers and seemingly lacking a care in the world. When Bex botches a blow dry, Heidi pulls up the client's parka hood, a punchline that says more than words.

Twenty4seven, York Whatson


I Want That Hair the latest offering from John Godber's misses, Jane Thorton has a whole head's worth of streaks of real comedy insight into the life in that modern day confession box, the hairdressers.

Emmerdale actress Gillian Jephcott (Bex) worked herself into a suitable frenzy, but for me, it was Kiki Kendrick who stole the show as happy slapper, 42 year old Heidi. Bold as brass, she seems to have everything unhappily married Bex longs for (apart from the sudden appearance of a troublesome beard) until the revelation that she dresses and acts as she pleases following the death of her son Dean, providing us with a surprisingly poignant moment amid the gags.

If you go and see I Want That Hair, you're guaranteed an entertaining evening.

The Hull Daily Mail

'I Want That Hair' presented by Hull Truck Theatre Company, is a fast talking, light hearted comedy which looks at two hairdressers. Bex, shop owner is wondering why her clients are leaving for the new salon across the road. Bex and employee Heidi have been working together for a long time. Bex's impending 40th birthday acts as a catalyst for them to both examine their lives. This is unmistakably a great production and well worth seeing.

Goole Courier

Gillian Jephcott as Bex and Kiki Kendrick as Heidi work with enthusiam and awareness. They seem to be exploring their characters, which is not meant as a criticism, in fact very much the opposite. They make the audience care about Bex and Heidi and laugh with them.

I Want That Hair will entertain and fulfil expectations, making people laugh, often and loudly.

The Stage

This is great entertainment, not to be missed

Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

Streaks of real comedy insight. This is stripped-to-the-bone humour that rattles along with a ripping dialogue delivered with total commitment by the first-class cast.

Hull Daily Mail

This production is remarkably funny and has the audiences laughing right from the opening line. From start to finish there's lots of banter, comparing lives and loves and learning things about each other they never knew. I Want That Hair is a wonderfully entertaining production, but there is a more serious side to the constant humour and jokes. Bex and Heidi do a great job at making sure the audience is entertained throughout.

Bridlington Free Press

The cast of two do a well to carry this entire show, written by Jane Thornton, on their own ? and with the clever recesses by director John Godber, it is prevented from that becoming a constant stream of dialogue.

Driffield Times

This play will not only appeal to people in the trade, its observations of everyday life make it sure to be a hit with all theatre goers.

Beverley Guardian

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