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The performances are solid and the characters fully realised and there are plenty of world-weary laughs as the women's egos and ambitions clash over their shared past and fractious future. Mutton is a clever look at how the get-famous-now world has affected three women who should have known better.

THE HERALD, Thursday 23 August 2007

You get a choice of Bailey's or vodka and Red Bull when you walk into the dingy nightclub in the basement of the Gilded Balloon, which is the setting for a play set in a dingy nightclub. Three former members of Chix ("with an X") meet up to discuss old times and talk about getting the band back together again. The leading ladies are fabulous. Waen Shepherd, aka former Perrier newcomer winner Gary le Strange, has written a catchy spoof song to be their number 17 hit, which includes the rather wonderful line: "We're gonna make your cock crow"

THE SCOTSMAN, Monday 13 August 2007

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